Michelle Lee Elliott

Associate Concertmaster of the La Crosse Symphony Orchestra

“My piano teacher told me that she thought violin was more my ‘voice,’” said Michelle Lee Elliott, violinist with the La Crosse Symphony.  “I think that was her kind way of telling me I shouldn’t pursue a career in piano.”

But she may have seen the future because from that time, the “violin voice” only grew and matured.  Having started violin at age three, Michelle wears a ring on her pinky from her inspiring, first violin teacher, Mary Nagy, who wanted her to “play pretty.”  Terrine Gomez, with whom Michelle studied through high school, introduced the young violinist to chamber music, along with some delicious Indian curries.  From age six through high school, Michelle’s parents drove her from their home in Decatur, Illinois, to Chicago so she could study with Dr.  Myron Kartman, chairman of the string department at Northwestern University.  During her New Hampshire high school boarding years, her professors – Steven Kushner, Mimi Bravar and Rowan Smith – encouraged her to pursue music after high school.  While in the east, Michelle also studied at the New England Conservatory with Zinaida Gilels.

Attending the University of Illinois – Champaign-Urbana, Michelle was inspired by professors Danwen Jiang, Sherban Lupu and Suren Bagratuni to play more chamber music.  She would continue her chamber studies at Yale University with renowned musicians Claude Frank, William Purvis,  Boris Berman, Syoko Aki and the Tokyo String Quartet.  As a founding member of the Vinca Quartet, Michelle studied with the Takacs String Quartet at the University of Colorado – Boulder.

Michelle’s “violin voice” was soaring.  “For so long, music was the love of my life,” continues Michelle.  But her focus shifted as she married her seventh-grade carpool mate and had two children.  When the family moved to La Crosse for her husband to complete a residency program, Michelle decided to stay home with their two small children.  But she missed the violin, so Michelle began practicing at a YMCA room while her children were at the facility.  One day, she met Busya Lugovier and it was the beginning of a lasting friendship, and then, a musical collaboration with violist Busya, cellist Derek Clark and Michelle to form the Druzhba Ensemble.

From there, the “voice” grew stronger as she contacted the La Crosse Symphony about playing as a substitute violinist during the 2013-14 season.  Now as assistant concertmaster, Michelle plays regularly with the local orchestra and other groups, along with giving private lessons.  She, along with fellow symphony violinist Kristina Guillion, head the LSO Play it Forward After School String Program at the Erickson and Mathy Boys and Girls clubs.  “My students inspire and challenge me to find new ways to teach them how to play the violin and apply what they’re learning to life.  I try to foster a love and appreciation for music – the same that my teachers instilled in me.”

In expanding her musical career, Michelle has found teaching most inspiring.  A recent Boys and Girls Club night when students had an open lesson format – meaning parents and family could sit in on the session – was most rewarding for the students and Michelle.  “One group played ‘Go Tell Aunt Rhody,’” began Michelle.  “I was accompanying them on violin, and it was wonderful – great fun and very rewarding.  We have some very dedicated and promising students.”

Just possibly the piano teacher’s prediction has come full circle, as the “violin voice” of Michelle Lee Elliott has found a new home with the La Crosse Symphony and is inspiring others in the symphony’s education programs.