Play It Forward

“We know a lot of people have used instruments in good condition sitting around at home, and they or their children no longer play.”

~Jean Ann Gundersen

“We want to put these instruments to good use and provide a musical experience for children who might not have the opportunity otherwise.”

~Jean Ann Gundersen

“The inventory of instruments in the school district gets low, and we want to help replenish the supply.”

~Jean Ann Gundersen

“Some parents don’t have their child play an instrument because they can’t afford it. We want to remove that barrier.”

~Jean Ann Gundersen

“We understand that not everyone has a used instrument that they want to donate, but they would still like to contribute to the program.”

~Jean Ann Gundersen

“Not all children are attracted to the sports programs, and an instrument program will expand the fine arts program on different levels.”

~Jean Ann Gundersen

Thank you to ALM Charities for awarding a grant for instrument repair! 

Some La Crosse school-age children don’t get a chance to play a musical instrument because their parents can’t afford to rent one or their school doesn’t have enough instruments to go around.

The La Crosse Symphony Orchestra, in collaboration with the La Crosse Area Youth Symphony Orchestras, the La Crosse School District, the Boys and Girls Club of Greater La Crosse are trying to change that. The orchestra coordinates a musical instrument donation program to gather gently used, playable instruments for La Crosse students.

The program, called “Play It Forward-La Crosse,” allows community members to donate a used instrument year-round! The drop off locations are at the LSO office and Leithold Music.

The instruments will be donated to the school district’s instrument loan program and the Boys and Girls Club.

Leithold Music has gently used instruments available for purchase as well, because not everyone has a used instrument that they want to donate, but they would still like to contribute to the program. We have gotten a list of needed instruments from the schools in the district and now community members can purchase a used instrument for the school of their choice. Cash donations are also encouraged to establish a fund for the upkeep of these donated instruments. We want these instruments to last a very long time.

Violins that are donated or purchased will be offered to the Boys and Girls Club, and then lessons are given there as part of the after-school fine arts program.

For more information, contact the LSO office at (608) 783-2121