Percussion Project

The LSO-LYSO-OHS Percussion Project is a joint venture amongst: 

• To purchase/replace percussion instruments at Onalaska High School by fall 2017.

• To outfit these ensembles with quality percussion equipment for concerts/rehearsals.

• To do this, we need your help.

This project is instrumental to: 

The La Crosse Symphony Orchestra because Onalaska High School band directors have, over the years, generously loaned many percussion instruments to the symphony for concerts. Percussion instruments are large, expensive and not easily transported so even professional musicians rely on borrowed instruments. 

The La Crosse Youth Symphony Orchestra because they hold their concerts at Onalaska High School in the Claude Deck Performing Arts Center and use the OHS percussion instruments when performing. 

Onalaska High School because the music program is the pride of Onalaska. Please help us continue the beat for aspiring musicians and those at the professional level. 

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